What does SIA bring to eligible projects ?

SIA Project Judging process

Submit your impact projects
before 15 Mars 2021

SIA is supported by media groups, ESG influential organisations and International Sponsors.
SIA awards will be presented at a ceremony following a conference in Paris in the presence of investors, media and influencers. This is an exceptional opportunity both to celebrate and to involve a new audience in the impact of your project.

Awards participation
Award ceremony : One seat for the project team at one award ceremony per year.

Award logo (winners only)

One seat for the project team at one award ceremony per year on SIA website and social media.

A broader communication plan will also be proposed for each eligible project (budget varies according to the selected package):

Video interview of the project leader realized by SIA partners

Presentation of the project on SIA media partners’ publications, social media and websites

Webpage, developed by SIA, to present the project impact, teams and ambitions

Press information distributed to the international network of media close to SIA

Presentation leaflet produced by SIA

Project Eligibility Criteria

How do you know if you are the leader of an eligible project?

You must have led an ESG/Impact project that fulfills the three SIA criteria (Impact – Involvement – Replicability) for more than a year. This means being responsible and accountable for all dimensions of the project (investment alone in a project led and developed by others will not be considered).

Impact : Materials and supporting data proving impact must be provided by the project leader.
Involvement : Effectiveness of engagement with stakeholders and local communities.
Replicability : The project can be adapted or reproduced by others.

Judging process

To submit your project to the SIA jury, you must fill in the survey on the SIA digital platform in English. All answers and data submitted must be authentic (confirmed by external sources and signed-off by senior team member) will be kept confidential by the SIA producers.
Only these answers will be used by the Jury who may ask for additional information.
It is therefore essential that the answers provided are concise and complete to avoid the jury having to refer to other documents (the jury will refer to any attachments only in exceptional cases).

You may submit several projects and therefore complete several questionnaires.
Information on possible additional questions and the eligibility of your project will be sent to you via the SIA platform.

Before submitting your projects you must carefully read the Judging process above to take into account all the prerequisites necessary for your participation in the SIA awards.
Please note that once you start the SIA questionnaire, it will not be possible for you to save your answers before it is fully completed. Once you submit your project, you will no longer be able to modify it. We therefore strongly recommend that you download the template questionnaire, attached at the bottom of the page, in order to prepare your answers in advance. This template questionnaire is neither to fill in nor to send by email.

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