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4th May, 2021, Paris

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SIA highlights ESG projects with high impact

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"La crise du Covid-19 est un test pour la RSE des entreprises. Comme bien identifié par SIA, la qualité de l’impact et de l’engagement des initiatives prenant en compte les différentes parties prenantes privé-public et société civile sont des facteurs clés de succès."

Anne-Claire ROUX

Finance for tomorrow

"Finance for Tomorrow est heureuse de prendre part à l’initiative portée par le SIA et partage sa volonté d’encourager et mettre en valeur des projets à impact positif."

Olivier de GUERRE


"La force de l’exemple, levier que nous partageons avec SIA est un formidable moteur d’inspiration et d’adhésion."


Principles for Responsible Investment

"We know that investors are often inspired by their peers when it comes to ESG so by highlighting examples of substantive, investor-lead ESG projects, we can hopefully encourage other investors to implement similar initiatives."

María José GÁLVEZ


"La force de l’exemple, levier que nous partageons avec SIA est un formidable moteur d’inspiration et d’adhésion."



"The most inspirational investor-led ESG projects must be shared and celebrated. These awards will help reveal just how high Europe is raising the bar for the rest of the world."

Drive inspiration by example

SIA was created to bring recognition, commitment and financial support to high impact ESG projects,
run by investors in order to encourage new initiatives.


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Free access granted to SIA guests – please use discount code SIA21 upon registration

The conference

4th May 2021, Paris

A conference followed by an awards ceremony in Paris, attended by investors, media & influencers will be an exceptional opportunity to engage a new audience with the impact of your project.

The conference will be attended by 600+ European investors and decision makers. It will present and highlight the progress of concrete ESG actions made by investment leaders in Europe.

Free access granted to SIA guests – please use discount code SIA21 upon registration

The awards

Awards will be judged by an independent and expert jury. They will be awarded in various categories following :

The United Nations SdGs 


Resources & Ecosystems

Basic Needs

Living conditions

The jury

Emmanuel de La Ville

Founder & CEO

Sample Back Title

Since 2004, Emmanuel de La Ville has been the founder & CEO of EthiFinance, a non-financial analysis and consulting agency that supports its clients in managing risks and opportunities related to sustainable development.

Emmanuel has spent the last 15 years in :

  • ESG research methodology of European companies
  • ESG Due Diligences of companies owned by private equity firms
  • ESG advice to asset owners based in France, UK and Switzerland

Head of
EVPA corporate & france

Sample Back Title

Sophie is leading market building efforts in France and Europe namely with European Corporates to help various practitioners like foundations and impact investing funds scaling their impact. She sits on the Board of non-profit organizations including PHITRUST Incubator.

Prior joining EVPA in 2016, she occupied several senior positions at BNP Paribas: in charge of the Wealth Management strategy for Philanthropy, Impact investing & Social Responsible Investment and as an Investment banker for more than 15 years.

Anne-Claire ROUX

Directrice Générale
Finance for Tomorrow

Sample Back Title

Anne-Claire Roux est Directrice générale de Finance for Tomorrow, la branche de Paris EUROPLACE dédiée à la finance verte verte et durable.
Auparavant Directrice Finance durable de Paris EUROPLACE, Anne-Claire a été en charge de l’action de Paris EUROPLACE lors de la COP21, notamment la coordination globale du 1er Climate Finance Day organisé, en mai 2015, à Paris.


Déléguée Générale
Global Compact France

Sample Back Title

Au sein d’un réseau d’entreprises engagées en faveur de la RSE, Fella Imalhayene structure la promotion de la Charte de la diversité.
Elle développe des outils de mise en œuvre et met en place un réseau de partenaires.
Elle accompagne également le lancement de chartes de la diversité en Europe.
En 2014, elle rejoint un cabinet conseil pour créer une offre d’accompagnement des entreprises sur la diversité.
En septembre 2017 elle est nommée déléguée générale du Global Compact France.

Anne-Catherine HUSSON-TRAORE

Directrice Générale

Sample Back Title

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traore est la Directrice Générale de Novethic, l’accélérateur de transformation durable du Groupe Caisse des Dépôts qu’elle a co-fondé.
Journaliste aux multiples casquettes, elle se passionne pour la finance durable en 2001 et s’attache depuis lors à répondre à la question : comment accélérer la mutation du secteur financier et des entreprises vers une plus grande responsabilité sociale et environnementale ? Aujourd’hui l’une des voix emblématiques de la finance durable, elle porte en France et à l’étranger la voix d’une finance responsable qui transforme.

Olivier de GUERRE

Chairman and CEO

Sample Back Title

Olivier de Guerre created Phitrust in 2003. Together with the Phitrust teams, it develops investment solutions specialising in shareholder engagement and social impact investing in Europe.
Before creating Phitrust, Olivier de Guerre has developed a long experience as an asset manager for families/foundations or institutional investors. Olivier is a board member of :

  • the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) in Brussels
  • the Finansol Association (France)
  • the Admical Association.(France)


Présidente exécutive
Institut de l’Économie Positive

Sample Back Title

Titulaire d’un master en relations internationales, Audrey Tcherkoff commence sa carrière chez Robert Wan, qu’elle dirige de 2012 à 2016 à Dubaï.
Elle fait en 2015 une rencontre déterminante avec Jacques Attali, cela la conduit à revenir en France en 2016 pour devenir vice-présidente de la Fondation Positive Planet.
En 2018, à 37 ans, elle créé avec Jacques Attali l’Institut de l’économie positive dont elle est la Présidente exécutive.


Principles for Responsible Investment

Sample Back Title

Fiona Reynolds is the CEO of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).
Appointed in 2013, Fiona has 25 years’ experience in the financial services and pension sector, including seven years as the CEO of the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST).
In 2018, Fiona was named by Barron’s magazine as one of the 20 most influential people in sustainability globally.


Director of Administrative Services
Institut de France

Sample Back Title

Since March 2018: Director of Administrative Services, Institute of France (470 Academicians, 200+ Sheltered Foundations and 10 Museums)
Previously, Chief of Staff to five French Ministers (including Foreign Affairs and Education), Deputy Director of the Alain Ducasse Group, and Alain Juppe’s Chief of Staff in the 2016 French conservative presidential primary.

María José GÁLVEZ


Sample Back Title

Out of more than 18 years of experience in the field of Sustainability, (Corporate Social Responsibility), socially responsible investment, Corporate Reputation and institutional relations, María José has developed her professional experience in the financial sector since 2006. At the moment, she holds the Head of Sustainability position in Bankia and has been elected Vice-president of Spainsif, the Spanish Sustainable Investment Forum.
She is an independent advisor in different organizations and a member of several panels of experts in various Companies listed on the Spanish stock exchange.


Head of Events,

Sample Back Title

Sally joined UKSIF as Head of Events in 2021, and is responsible for growing and managing their events across the sustainable finance sphere. She has extensive experience across the financial ecosystem, particularly within alternative investments and insurance. Sally is passionate about climate, diversity and sustainable economics.

Jean-Guillaume D'ORNANO

Option Finance

Sample Back Title

A graduate of Harvard Business School, Jean-Guillaume d'Ornano has spent most of his career in the media and press. After more than 10 years spent between the media and investment banking in New York, he managed the Paris Turf and Week End newspapers of the Hersant group and created, when the Dassault group sold its horse-racing press branch, the Turf Editions group, of which he was one of the main shareholders via an LBO.
In 2009, back at the Figaro Group, he took over the management of TV Magazine, which became the most widely distributed TV magazine in Europe.
Between 2009 and 2011, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Le Figaro and took over the general management of Madame Figaro, the Stock Exchange & Heritage division and the general management of the group's industrial activities.
In 2011, he bought the Option Finance group, making it the only press group for professionals in corporate finance, asset management, business law and insurance. Since then, the group has grown and organises around thirty events for these same communities; it is also one of the main web portals for the professional press.

Judging process

You will be asked to fill in an application questionnaire on the SIA digital platform. You may submit several projects but will need to complete a separate questionnaire for each one.

Who is eligible to the SIA Awards & Communication Pack ?

An eligible project must be led and supported by investors. It must have been running
for a minimum of one year and fulfill stringent criteria

Impact: Materials and supporting data proving ESG impact must be provided by the project leader.

Involvement: Effectiveness of engagement with stakeholders and local communities.

Replicability: The project can be adapted or reproduced by others.

Why should you submit your project ?

The applicant projects will be analyzed by the SIA jury and will benefit from:

Awards participation

Award logo (winners only)

Award ceremony: One seat for the project team at one award ceremony per year

Presentation of all projects on SIA website and social media

June / December

Project submission

January / February

Jury deliberation

March / April

Nominees Pitching preparation


Conference & Award ceremony




Visibility Packs

For project leaders

– from 5,000 € –

Video interview of the project leader realized by SIA partners

Webpage, developed by SIA, to present the project impact, teams and ambitions

Presentation leaflet of the project produced by SIA

Press information highlighting the impact of the project, distributed via SIA media partners’ international network

Presentation of the project on SIA media partners’ publications, social media and websites

Sponsors Packs

SIA sponsorship packages will position your brand as an ESG leader willing to favor action and engagement. Sponsors will benefit from speaking opportunities, brand visibility, free passes to the Investors-attended conference, and the possibility to submit some projects carried out by the sponsor teams.

– from 7,000€ to 25,000€ –

Free passes

Branding visibility

Marketing Opportunities

Speaking opportunities

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